Areas of focus

Areas of focusOperations

  • We perform surgical interventions in the area of abdominal surgery, vascular surgery and thoracic surgery.
  • Depending upon the extent and type of intervention, the operation itself is conducted in suitable private clinics or at the university clinic. In each instance, the surgery is in the hands of an experienced, well-established and highly competent team!

 Cancer therapy

  • In the case of cancer therapy, we focus on an individualized, tumor-specific cancer therapy and thereby pursue a highly effective approach.
  • The p53 gene test that has been developed and clinically tested by us, the MARK53® analysis, enables an evaluation of whether – and which of – the available chemotherapies (e.g. radiotherapy) are expected to work for the respective patient. 
  • With the aid of the Mark53® analysis it is possible to precisely and simply determine the p53 gene status of every tumor material. As clinical studies show, the Mark53® analysis enables conclusions to be drawn on the probable effect of a preoperative standard chemotherapy.
  • This can be important both prior to the operation, in order to efficiently reduce the tumor size, as well as after the operation, in order to increase the chance of a lasting cure.

Health management

  • We are familiar with your case and are able to continually and competently take care of you at each essential step: From the qualitative diagnostic assessment and the operation, right through to follow-up care and further treatments.
  • Check-ups are individually tailored to your medical needs.
  • We personally carry out colonoscopies (a painless method of examination for the evaluation of the colon, under anesthetic if required) and endoscopies.