Data privacy declaration

Subject of the data privacy declaration
This declaration refers to data which can become known by visiting our website. An exchange of data with other companies/websites/organizations is fundamentally prohibited, whereby the data privacy declaration remains limited to your visit to our website.

In order to expand the scope of our Internet offer and to make it more comfortable for you to use, we apply so-called “cookies”. With the aid of these “cookies”, data can be stored on your server upon accessing our website. You have the possibility of preventing cookies from being saved on your server by means of the appropriate setting in your browser. However, the scope of our offer may be reduced as a result.

Changes to this data privacy declaration
The website owner reserves the right to make changes to this data privacy declaration.


Via direct or indirect referencing to third-party websites (“hyperlinks”), which lie outside the author’s area of responsibility, liability would only come into effect in the event that the author was aware of the contents and it would have been technically possible and reasonable to prevent use in the case of illegal content.

The website owner hereby expressly declares that, at the time of the linkage, no illegal content was discernible on the web page to be linked. The website owner has absolutely no influence on the current and future design, contents or authorship of the linked/associated sites. The website owner hereby takes no responsibility for any of the content on the linked/associated sites, which have been altered after linkage.

This statement applies for all links and references placed within the own Internet offer, as well as for third-party entries made in guest books, discussion forums and mailing links set up by the website owner. Solely the provider of the website linked to – and not the provider of the links to the websites containing illegal, inaccurate or incomplete content – is liable for their content, as well as for any damages that may have been incurred from the use or disuse of said content.